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Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems used in forensics related contexts require very good image recognition capabilities. Therefore they often use the SIFT local-feature description scheme as its robustness against a large spectrum of image distortions has been assessed. In contrast, the <i>security</i> of SIFT is still largely unexplored. We show in this(More)
This paper focuses on the use of Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) for structure analysis of videos, and demonstrates how they can be efficiently applied to merge audio and visual cues. Our approach is validated in the particular domain of tennis videos. The basic temporal unit is the video shot. Visual features are used to characterize the type of shot view.(More)
Many content-based retrieval systems (CBIRS) describe images using the SIFT local features because of their very robust recognition capabilities. While SIFT features proved to cope with a wide spectrum of general purpose image distortions, its security has not fully been assessed yet. In one of their scenario, Hsu <i>et al.</i> in [2] show that very(More)
This work aims at recovering the temporal structure of a broadcast tennis video from an analysis of the raw footage. Our method relies on a statistical model of the interleaving of shots, in order to group shots into predefined classes representing structural elements of a tennis video. This stochastic modeling is performed in the global framework of Hidden(More)
Content-Based Image Retrieval Systems are now commonly used as a ltering mechanism against the piracy of multimedia contents. Many publications in the last few years have proposed very robust schemes where pirated contents are detected despite severe modi cations. But none of these systems have addressed the piracy problem from a security perspective. It is(More)
This article presents a technique that arranges the elements of hierarchical representations of images according to a coarseness attribute. The choice of the attribute can be made according to prior knowledge about the content of the images and the intended application. The transformation is similar to filtering a hierarchy with a non-increasing attribute,(More)
We propose a local region descriptor based on connected pattern spectra, and combined with normalized central moments. The descriptors are calculated for MSER regions of the image, and their performance compared against SIFT. The MSER regions were chosen because they can be efficiently selected by constructing a max-tree, a structure used to calculate both(More)
The rapidly increasing volume of visual Earth Observation data calls for effective content based image retrieval solutions, specifically tailored for their high spatial resolution and heterogeneous content. In this paper, we address this issue with a novel local implementation of the well-known morphological descriptors called pattern spectra. They are(More)
This paper focuses on the integration of multimodal features for sport video structure analysis. The method relies on a statistical model which takes into account both the shot content and the interleaving of shots. This stochastic modelling is performed in the global framework of Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) that can be efficiently applied to merge audio(More)