Ewa Kamińska

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Multiple (10x) treatment of zolpidem (1.0 or 2.0 mg/kg, orally, p.o.) led to different effects in chronically ethanol-treated and control rats. In control rats, after repeated zolpidem administration, a weaker, when compared to single administration, hypnotic effect of ethanol was observed, which may be the result of tolerance developed towards the(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of multiple acamprosate (500.0 mg/kg, p.o.) administration on short-term memory, using the social recognition test in rats. Ifenprodil (1.0 mg/kg, i.p.), arcaine (5.0 mg/kg, i.p.) and spermidine (20.0 mg/kg, i.p.) were chosen as polyamine ligands and their action or interaction with acamprosate was also(More)
The study was designed to find out (1) whether the effect of 3-day bed rest on blood glucose (BG) and plasma insulin (IRI) responses to glucose ingestion depends on preceding physical activity and (2) whether plasma adrenaline (A), noradrenaline (NA) and cardiovascular changes following a glucose load are modified by bed rest. Eleven sedentary students(More)
Intraperitoneal administration of maleate produced an increase in blood alpha-ketoacid, acetoacetate, and free fatty acids. The effect of this treatment on blood glucose levels depended on whether the rats were fed or fasted. In fed rats it was accompanied by slight, transient hyperglycemia connected with depletion of liver glycogen stores. In fasted(More)
AIMS The purpose of this study was to assess the anxiolytic activity of ifenprodil in Warsaw high-preferring (WHP) and low-preferring (WLP) rats after chronic ethanol treatment. METHODS WHP and WLP animals, their paired-ethanol-naive groups and control Wistar rats were treated with ifenprodil (1.0 mg/kg, intraperitoneally) for 21 consecutive days.(More)
Broad-band isothermal dielectric relaxation measurements of anhydrous sucrose were made at ambient pressure in its liquid and glassy states. We found a new secondary relaxation that is slower than the one commonly observed in sugars. Additionally, we carried out the dielectric measurements of the equimolar mixture of D-glucose and D-fructose in wide ranges(More)
To test the hypotheses that short-term bed-rest (BR) deconditioning influences metabolic, cardiorespiratory, and neurohormonal responses to exercise and that these effects depend on the subjects' training status, 12 sedentary men and 10 endurance- and 10 strength-trained athletes were submitted to 3-day BR. Before and after BR they performed incremental(More)
Broadband dielectric measurements on the pharmaceutical indomethacin (IMC) were performed at ambient and elevated pressure. Data on molecular dynamics collected at ambient pressure are in good agreement with that published in the literature. In the glassy state, there is a well-resolved secondary relaxation with Arrhenius activation energy E(a) = 38 kJ/mol.(More)
Broadband isothermal dielectric relaxation measurements of anhydrous fructose, glucose, galactose, sorbose, and ribose were made at ambient pressure in their liquidus and glassy states. We found a new secondary relaxation in fructose and glucose that is slower than those seen before by others. This new secondary relaxation also appears in the dielectric(More)
BACKGROUND Long-term studies on the comparative efficacy and relative potency of glipizide and glyburide are sparse and controversial. METHODS In a randomized prospective trial, we compared the effectiveness and relative potency of glipizide and glyburide over a 15-month period in 18 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) (9 on glyburide and 9 on(More)