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BACKGROUND The present study was performed in order to determine the most common neurological signs of arachnoid cysts (AC) in a pediatric population and to evaluate if there is a correlation between the localization of the cyst and the clinical characteristics. MATERIAL/METHODS Forty-five AC patients were studied, aged 2-17 years, who were consecutively(More)
Epilepsy may be the earliest and the sole clinical manifestation of brain tumours. Different studies present epileptic seizures as the first symptom of a brain tumours in adults in approximately 30-40% of cases and in children from 1-10%. In order to evaluate the incidence of epileptic seizures in children versus adults with brain tumors, we investigated(More)
We investigated 100 children with migraine admitted to the Developmental Neurology Department, Medical University of Gdańsk between 1988-1997. The diagnosis was made on IHS Criteria (1988). There were 53 children with migraine with aura and 47--without aura. The children were divided into three groups according to the onset of migraine attacks (3-16 years(More)