Ewa Chemperek

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Properly administered first aid--restoration of upper respiratory tract patency, pulmonary-circulatory resuscitation, massive internal bleeding arrest, placement of the victim in safe position--may save the lives of many victims of accidents. Everybody should know first aid principles and administer it before paramedics arrive. The aim of the study was to(More)
The aim of the paper was to evaluate the knowledge of rules of healthy nourishment as well as the recommended components of a daily diet among students of junior and senior high schools. The lifestyle of the teenagers was analyzed in two groups--junior high school students and senior high school students. On the basis of the BMI the state of nutrition of(More)
The major causes of deaths among preschool children are injuries and poisoning. Among the injuries, the most frequent are road accidents and accidents on farms. We may also find health and life risks to preschoolers in homes and education centres. Everybody should know first-aid rules and how to apply them in life-threatening situations. This duty(More)
In the paper there was examined 246 pupils from secondary school. The auditorial survey including 23 questions was drawn up. The questions referred to digestive diseases occurrence among members of family, pupils under the survey, their style of nutrition, financial status of their family. It was interesting how kind of food, keeping regular hours,(More)
The major causes of deaths all over the world are circulatory system diseases, neoplasms and injuries. Each man can become a participant of the event which results in life-threatening emergencies and the most immediate possible actions are essential. The period of time for starting efficient life-restoration actions is very short, estimated at 4-5 minutes.(More)
Diseases of blood circulation system constitute the major cause of sudden cardiac arrest and deaths in Poland. Approximately 70% of all the cases of cardiac arrest occurs outside hospitals, frequently at patient's home. In the case of applying immediate resuscitation by the event witness in the situation of sudden cardiac arrest the percentage of the(More)