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We conducted a comparative study of the usability of hierarchically structured and zoomable Electronic Product Catalogs (EPC). After evaluating 16 hierarchical EPC available online today we constructed a test search interface and used it for comparison with InfoZoom, a novel interface utilizing a compression technique, direct manipulation, and zooming. 26(More)
Wikipedia advocates a strict 'neutral point of view' (NPOV) policy. However, although originally a U.S-­‐based, English-­‐language phenomenon, the online, user-­‐created encyclopedia BLOCKIN BLOCKIN now BLOCKIN BLOCKIN has BLOCKIN BLOCKIN versions BLOCKIN BLOCKIN in BLOCKIN BLOCKIN many BLOCKIN BLOCKIN languages. BLOCKIN BLOCKIN This BLOCKIN BLOCKIN study(More)
A systematic review of the treatment of fears and phobias among children with autism spectrum disorders. Pivotal response treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review of research quality. for children with autism spectrum disorders – Behavioral interventions update. (2013). Parent-mediated early intervention for young children(More)
A method of estimating net somatic input current from the action potential discharge of neurons in the visual cortex of the anesthetized cat. innervation of spiny stellate neurons in cat visual cortex.tive study of attractor neural network retrieving at low spike rates: I. Low rate retrieval in symmetric networks. A comparison of distal and proximal(More)
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