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We conducted a comparative study of the usability of hierarchically structured and zoomable Electronic Product Catalogs (EPC). After evaluating 16 hierarchical EPC available online today we constructed a test search interface and used it for comparison with InfoZoom, a novel interface utilizing a compression technique, direct manipulation, and zooming. 26(More)
Wikipedia advocates a strict 'neutral point of view' (NPOV) policy. However, although originally a U.S-­‐based, English-­‐language phenomenon, the online, user-­‐created encyclopedia BLOCKIN BLOCKIN now BLOCKIN BLOCKIN has BLOCKIN BLOCKIN versions BLOCKIN BLOCKIN in BLOCKIN BLOCKIN many BLOCKIN BLOCKIN languages. BLOCKIN BLOCKIN This BLOCKIN BLOCKIN study(More)
A systematic review of the treatment of fears and phobias among children with autism spectrum disorders. Pivotal response treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review of research quality. for children with autism spectrum disorders – Behavioral interventions update. (2013). Parent-mediated early intervention for young children(More)
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