Ewa A. Bergmann

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MOTIVATION Sequencing of matched tumor and normal samples is the standard study design for reliable detection of somatic alterations. However, even very low levels of cross-sample contamination significantly impact calling of somatic mutations, because contaminant germline variants can be incorrectly interpreted as somatic. There are currently no(More)
In this paper, we investigate whether people's knowledge of the past influences their preferences and values towards future landscape change. "Knowledge of the past" is one aspect of the information set held by individuals, and a well-established finding in economics is that changes in information can change preferences and values. The particular aspects of(More)
Structured Abstract Purpose This paper considers the development of 'Green' jobs in one region of the European Union, Scotland, where the government has sought to develop renewable and sustainable energy industries and associated employment. Design/methodology/approach The paper analyses selected secondary data and policy documents and conceptualises issues(More)
As the second most common type of variation in the human genome, insertions and deletions (indels) have been linked to many diseases, but the discovery of indels of more than a few bases in size from short-read sequencing data remains challenging. Scalpel (http://scalpel.sourceforge.net) is an open-source software for reliable indel detection based on the(More)
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