Evren Yurtseven

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Keywords: Disturbance decoupling Switched linear systems (SLS) Linear parameter-varying (LPV) systems Piecewise linear (PWL) systems Invariant subspaces Geometric control theory a b s t r a c t In this paper, we consider disturbance decoupling problems for switched linear systems. We will provide necessary and sufficient conditions for three different(More)
— In this paper we will provide algebraic necessary and sufficient conditions for the controllability/reachability/null controllability of a class of bimodal discrete-time piecewise linear systems including several instances of interest that are not covered by existing works which focus primarily on the planar case. In particular, the class is characterized(More)
INTRODUCTION Geometric control theory for linear time-invariant (LTI) systems has a long and rich history, as is evidenced by the availability of various textbooks on the topic [H.L02, BM92, Won85]. For solving certain problems such as disturbance decoupling problems (DDPs), characterization of sets of particular interest including reachable and(More)
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