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This paper considers the situation of a retail store subject to inventory inaccuracies stemming from execution problems. We assume that inventory inaccuracies are introduced by misplacement type errors that occur within the store, i.e. the whole quantity of products that is ordered and received from the supplier is not available on shelf to satisfy(More)
Home Care (HC) services provide complex and coordinated medical and paramedical care to patients at their homes. As health care services move into the home setting, the need for developing innovative approaches that improve the efficiency of home care organizations increases. We first conduct a literature review of investigations dealing with operation(More)
Human resource planning in Home Health Care (HHC) services is a critical activity on which the quality of the delivered care depends. From the admission of the patient, the service organization has to decide the home operators who will follow the patients during their stay as well as the detailed care delivery plan. The robust resource planning is crucial(More)
Keywords: Home health care services Operations management Districting problem Mathematical modeling In this paper, we focus on a specific operations management related issue faced by home health care (HHC) services, namely the districting problem. Our contribution consists of formulating the HHC districting problem as a mixed-integer programming model by(More)