Evo Busseniers

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The global brain can be defined as the distributed intelligence emerging from the network of all people and machines on this planet, as connected via the Internet. The present paper proposes the foundations for a mathematical model of the self-organization of such a network towards increasing intelligence. The assumption is that the network becomes more(More)
In general, systems try to have internal control; most humans want to feel like they have control over their life. Some do this by aiming for external control: they want to fix how the environment behaves. Others do this by trying to find synergies with the environment. How can we formalize these different strategies for control, and which one functions the(More)
The goal of this paper is to present a centrality measurement for the nodes of a hypergraph, by using existing literature which extends eigenvector centrality from a graph to a hypergraph, and literature which give a general centrality measurement for a graph. We’ll use this measurement to say more about the number of communications in a hypergraph, to(More)
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