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Creating added value, innovative applications and services in the web is hindered by the prevailing different formats and models of information retrieved by the various Cloud-based Services (CBS). Additionally, CBS tend to change their Application Programming Interface (API) versions very often, not sufficiently helping the interested enterprises with their(More)
Today, a new age of engagement and collaboration has emerged with the proliferation of usergenerated content in social networks and generally the Web 2.0, rendering it particularly difficult for enterprises to monitor and act upon all content following conventional data mining methodologies. In this paper, we present our approach for a Future Internet(More)
Today’s mobile applications, spanning from file storage and syncing, place checking in and tagging, multimedia sharing, streaming and recommendation, to social and professional networking, rely a lot on cloudbased services, which in turn offer increasingly more functionalities through their publicly available APIs. Users have greeted this abundance of(More)
Although customers become more and more vocal in expressing their experiences, demands and needs in various social networks, companies of any size typically fail to effectively gain insights from such social data and to eventually catch the market realm. This paper introduces the Anlzer analytics engine that aims at leveraging the "social" data deluge to(More)
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