Evlyn Marcia Leão de Moraes Novo

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Aquatic vegetation is an important component of wetland and coastal ecosystems, playing a key role in the ecological functions of these environments. Surveys of macrophyte communities are commonly hindered by logistic problems, and remote sensing represents a powerful alternative, allowing comprehensive assessment and monitoring. Also, many vegetation(More)
Wetland extent, vegetation cover, and inundation state were mapped for the first time at moderately high (100 m) resolution for the entire lowland Amazon basin, using mosaics of Japanese Earth Resources Satellite (JERS-1) imagery acquired during low- and high-water seasons in 1995–1996. A wetlands mask was created by segmentation of the mosaics and(More)
Macrophyte net primary productivity (NPP) is a significant but understudied component of the carbon budget in large Amazonian floodplains. Annual NPP is determined by the interaction between stem elongation (vertical growth) and plant cover changes (horizontal expansion), each affected differently by flood duration and amplitude. Therefore, hydrological(More)
Remote sensing studies of vegetation cover and hydrologic dynamics in Amazonian wetlands have been mostly limited temporally or spatially, and the distribution and spatial configuration of Amazonian várzea habitats remains poorly known. This study uses multitemporal PALSAR L-band radar imagery combined with object-based image analysis, data mining(More)
The Amazon floodplain water composition undergoes intensive variations along the year as a response to the annual flood pulse. The present study analyzes the spectral mixtures of the optically active substances (OAS) in the Amazon floodplain waters with spaceborne hyperspectral images. The test site was located upstream the confluence of Amazon (white(More)
Often images are slightly blurred due to the blurring effect of sensors (optical diffractions, detectors size, eletronic filters). As a consequence, the effective resolution is, in general , worse than the nominal resolution that corresponds to the detector projection on the ground that does not take into account sensor imperfections. Thus restoration(More)