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In both males and females, lung cancer is one of the most lethal cancers worldwide and accounts for >30% of cancer-related deaths. Despite advances in biomarker analysis and tumor characterization, there remains a need to find suitable biomarker antigen targets for treatment in late-stage lung cancer. Previous research on the salvage pathway enzyme TK1(More)
Epidemiological studies show a positive correlation between oxidative stress and chronic disease development such as heart disease and cancer. While several antioxidant compounds with varying physical and chemical characteristics are able to reduce oxidative stress in biological systems, relatively few studies have been performed to examine the structural(More)
Caffeine is the most widely used neurostimulant in the world. There is considerable debate on its effect on immune cells as it has been shown to antagonize adenosine receptors (ARs), which mediate an anti-inflammatory switch in activated immune cells. A second target is phosphodiesterase, where it acts as an inhibitor. If the primary effect of caffeine on(More)
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