Eviatar Khen

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Kernel development is considered more challenging than user space development, partly due the lack of adequate development tools. We present LgDb, an innovative framework for kernel profiling, code coverage and instrumentation. LgDb is built on top of Lguest and allows running inspected kernel modules on virtual environment. The innovation lies on the fact(More)
We present LgDb 2.0. The second generation of LgDb, an innovative framework for kernel code coverage, profiling and simulation. LgDb is built on top of Lguest and allows running an inspected kernel on a virtual environment instead of modifying the running kernel or using an extra target machine. LgDb 2.0 is using the Lguest hypervisor and the KGDB kernel(More)
Testing is one of the major problems in Linux kernel development cycle. Security analysis and ensuring no new vulnerabilities has been introduced is one of the toughest issues of testing. Kernel developers attempt to find as many security issues as possible before merging with the mainline branch. Failure to detect vulnerabilities will result in vulnerable(More)
We present Amirror, a system for asynchronous replication of virtual machines (running on top of QEMU-KVM and Lguest). The system uses a homegrown block device replication layer for data replication and includes VM replication components for Lguest and QEMU-KVM. We describe both of these components in this paper. Unlike previous works in the field, Amirror(More)
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