Evi Berchtold

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In Firmicutes bacteria, ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters have been recognized as important resistance determinants against antimicrobial peptides. Together with neighboring two-component systems (TCSs), which regulate their expression, they form specific detoxification modules. Both the transport permease and sensor kinase components show unusual(More)
A recent large-scale analysis of Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) data found frequent evidence for spatial defects in a substantial fraction of Affymetrix microarrays in the GEO. Nevertheless, in contrast to quality assessment, artefact detection is not widely used in standard gene expression analysis pipelines. Furthermore, although approaches have been(More)
Several methods predict activity changes of transcription factors (TFs) from a given regulatory network and measured expression data. But available gene regulatory networks are incomplete and contain many condition-dependent regulations that are not relevant for the specific expression measurement. It is not known which combination of active TFs is needed(More)
Motivation The goal of many genome-wide experiments is to explain the changes between the analyzed conditions. Typically, the analysis is started with a set of differential genes DG and the first step is to identify the set of relevant biological processes BP . Current enrichment methods identify the involved biological process via statistically significant(More)
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