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BACKGROUND Professionals working with psychiatric patients very often have negative beliefs and attitudes about their clients. We designed our study to investigate the effectiveness of anti-stigma interventions among university students who are trained to provide special education. OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to compare sustainability of the(More)
We designed our pilot study to investigate the effectiveness of computer-assisted anti-stigma interventions among medical students. Convenience sample of 51 consecutive students was evaluated before and after using the Anti-Stigma CO-ED system. After studying the computer program the level of stigma in the group significantly decreased (p<0.02). We(More)
Extended Abstract Interest in ultra wideband (UWB) techniques has grown remarkably in recent years, especially in the area of high data rate, short distance telecommunication systems. Immunity to multipath effects and high throughput makes UWB attractive as a substitute for, or in conjunction with, other technologies, such as 802.11 or general packet radio(More)
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