Evgeny V. Romanov

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Fractional Langevin equation to describe anomalous diffusion. Abstract A Langevin equation with a special type of additive random source is considered. This random force presents a fractional order derivative of white noise, and leads to a power-law time behavior of the mean square displacement of a particle, with the power exponent being noninteger. More(More)
Global-scale studies of marine food webs are rare, despite their necessity for examining and understanding ecosystem level effects of climate variability. Here we review the progress of an international collaboration that compiled regional diet datasets of multiple top predator fishes from the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and developed new(More)
Using a genetic marker mitochondrial DNA control region, Nikolic et al. (Environ Biol Fish 99:171-178, 2016) recently reported the identification of two juveniles of tuna as skipjack (Katsuwonus pelamis) recovered from the mouth of dolphinfish in the vicinity of Reunion Island, western Indian Ocean. Based on the age estimates of the two specimens from(More)
Among the various shark species that are captured as bycatch in commercial fishing operations, the group of pelagic sharks is still one of the least studied and known. Within those, the crocodile shark, Pseudocarcharias kamoharai, a small-sized lamnid shark, is occasionally caught by longline vessels in certain regions of the tropical oceans worldwide.(More)
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