Evgeny V. Dafner

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[1] All existing descriptions of nutrient distributions in the Strait of Gibraltar suggest that the Atlantic water brings to the Mediterranean Sea nutrients in the Redfield ratio (N:Si:P = 16:15:1). Here, the N:Si:P molar ratios (±Standard Error), obtained in April 1998, are used to show that in the Atlantic water at the western entrance of the Strait this(More)
The necessity for determining the role of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in the global carbon cycle stimulated the development of different methods of DOC analysis in aquatic environments. Progress in this direction has been made by oceanographers who developed and introduced a high-temperature catalytic oxidation (HTC) method for low organic carbon(More)
Investigations of distribution and possible sources of methane dissolved in waters of the Okhotsk and western Bering Seas, and in the areaof the Kuril Islands were conducted in summer 1993 during the 24th cruise ofR/V ‘Akademik Nesmeyanov’. In open waters, the background content ofmethane was 30–80 nl CH4 l−1. At somestations, subsurface maxima of CH4 up to(More)
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