Evgeny Sherkhonov

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In this paper, we study the problem of exchanging knowledge between a source and a target knowledge base (KB), connected through mappings. Differently from the traditional database exchange setting, which considers only the exchange of data, we are interested in exchanging implicit knowledge. As representation formalism we use Description Logics (DLs), thus(More)
Knowledge base exchange can be considered as a generalization of data exchange in which the aim is to exchange between a source and a target connected through mappings, not only explicit knowledge, i.e., data, but also implicit knowledge in the form of axioms. Such problem has been investigated recently using Description Logics (DLs) as representation(More)
We propose a novel foundational framework for why-not explanations, that is, explanations for why a tuple is missing from a query result. Our why-not explanations leverage concepts from an ontology to provide high-level and meaningful reasons for why a tuple is missing from the result of a query. A key algorithmic problem in our framework is that of(More)
A Conditional Tree Pattern (CTP) expands an XML tree pattern with labels attached to the descendant edges. These labels can be XML element names or Boolean CTP’s. The meaning of a descendant edge labelled by A and ending in a node labelled by B is a path of child steps ending in a B node such that all intermediate nodes are A nodes. In effect this expresses(More)
Data exchange has been one of the most popular topics in the database community for the past several years. Data exchange is essential for transferring, unifying and querying heterogeneous data -- tasks which very often arise in practice. Although the field is quite well-established and the theoretical foundations are clear for relational and XML data(More)
Faceted search is a prominent search paradigm that became the standard in many Web applications and has also been recently proposed as a suitable paradigm for exploring and querying RDF graphs. One of the main challenges that hampers usability of faceted search systems especially in the RDF context is information overload, that is, when the size of faceted(More)