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We introduce the architecture and the data model of the software for integrated access to music searching web services. We illustrate our approach by developing a mobile accessed application which allows users of Android running touch screen devices accessing several music searchers including Musipedia, Music Ngram Viewer, and FolkTuneFinder. The(More)
The approaches used in various web search tools to communicate with the user are exposed. Different search request and resulting information representation models depending on subject domain are analyzed. The approach to organize interaction with users for better attenuation of user needs oriented to semantic query modification based on the query token(More)
In recent years there is growing interest to the opinion mining applications in numerous areas of information and social science. In this paper we investigate main problems in opinion mining and sentiment analysis systems development. We review examples of difficulties in process of opinion extraction and introduce essential multidimensionality of opinion(More)
The paper brings up some problems of teaching programming in universities. Aspects of understanding the specificity of programming as an academic course, its links to a variety of related courses are presented. The discourse points to some difficulties that students have while learning programming and instructors have while teaching it, especially such(More)
In this paper authors make an attempt to rediscover the function-based music representation. Both for automated and manual music analysis, functional way to represent music has some advantages comparing to widely used approaches based on graph, geometric shapes or event-set models, namely: possibility to represent the structure of the music composition,(More)
This paper follows a discourse on software recognized as a product of art and human creativity progressing probably for as long as software exists. A retrospective view on computer science and software philosophy development is introduced. In so doing we discover parallels between software and various branches of human creative manifestations. Aesthetic(More)
This paper discusses an approach for deploying command-line applications on cloud computing platforms. The main focus of the paper is on execution of scientific algorithms (such as algorithms from the music information retrieval domain) by enabling the sharing of algorithm implementations, the reproducibility of results, and an easy access to non-experts of(More)
We analyze problems of music searching and main tasks the developers face in the domain of music information retrieval. We introduce the architecture of the software and the data model for integrated access to existing music searching web services. We illustrate our approach by developing a mobile accessed software prototype which allows users of Android(More)
Contemporary travel information services are connected to huge amount of travel related data used for improving personalized suggestions. Such suggestions include finding better routes, access to amusement and educational amenities implemented as digital services, as well as the features for people collaboration, and for planning leisure time with respect(More)