Evgeny Pyshkin

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This paper follows a discourse on software recognized as a product of art and human creativity progressing probably for as long as software exists. A retrospective view on computer science and software philosophy development is introduced. In so doing we discover parallels between software and various branches of human creative manifestations. Aesthetic(More)
In this paper authors make an attempt to rediscover the function-based music representation. Both for automated and manual music analysis, functional way to represent music has some advantages comparing to widely used approaches based on graph, geometric shapes or event-set models, namely: possibility to represent the structure of the music composition,(More)
We analyze problems of music searching and main tasks the developers face in the domain of music information retrieval. We introduce the architecture of the software and the data model for integrated access to existing music searching web services. We illustrate our approach by developing a mobile accessed software prototype which allows users of Android(More)
—There are many current efforts in investigating personalized traveler assisting applications through the perspective of human-centric computing and ambient intelligence. In this work we examine a number of existing approaches within a particular context of travel planning services. Specific attention is paid to the domain of designing tools supporting(More)
—In this paper, we examine a problem of addictive IT services and discuss existing tools for human self-control and self-assessment. Current web technologies support simple on-demand access to various media streaming services. Despite evident positive factors of such entertainment product delivery methods (no downloading is required, media content is(More)
—This paper focuses on a generalized approach to providing user interface to a web-based expert system (WBES). We examine MVC and MVP design patterns used traditionally to construct a web application user interface. In order to leverage the strength of the MVC/MVP design patterns we propose a special ontology representing a user communication domain. We(More)