Evgeny Loskutov

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We suggest a new nonlinear expansion of space-distributed observational time series. The expansion allows constructing principal nonlinear manifolds holding essential part of observed variability. It yields low-dimensional hidden time series interpreted as internal modes driving observed multivariate dynamics as well as their mapping to a geographic grid.(More)
A new empirical approach is proposed for predicting critical transitions in the climate system based on a time series alone. This approach relies on nonlinear stochastic modeling of the system’s time-dependent evolution operator by the analysis of observed behavior. Empirical models that take the form of a discrete random dynamical system are constructed(More)
We present a detailed description of a new approach for the extraction of principal nonlinear dynamical modes (NDMs) from high-dimensional data. The method of NDMs allows the joint reconstruction of hidden scalar time series underlying the observational variability together with a transformation mapping these time series to the physical space. Special(More)
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