Evgeny Frolov

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Microbial communities of Kamchatka Peninsula terrestrial hot springs were studied using molecular, radioisotopic and cultural approaches. Analysis of 16S rRNA gene fragments performed by means of high-throughput sequencing revealed that aerobic autotrophic sulfur-oxidizing bacteria of the genus Sulfurihydrogenibium (phylum Aquificae) dominated in a majority(More)
Thermoacidophilic sulfate reduction, which remains a poorly studied process, was investigated in the present work. Radioisotope analysis with 35S-labeled sulfate was used to determine the rates of dissimilatory sulfate reduction in acidic thermal springs of Kamchatka, Russia. Sulfate reduction rates were found to vary from 0.054 to 12.9 nmol SO4/(cm3 day).(More)
A substantial progress in development of new and efficient tensor factorization techniques has led to an extensive research of their applicability in recommender systems field. Tensor-based recommender models push the boundaries of traditional collaborative filtering techniques by taking into account a multifaceted nature of real environments, which allows(More)
New experimental data [Berg, A. I., Noks, P. P., Kononenko, A. A., Frolov, E. N., Khrymova, I. N., Rubin A. B., Likhtenstein, G. I., Goldanskii, V. I., Parak, F., Bukl, M. & Mössbauer, R. (1979) Mol. Biol. (USSR) 13, 81-89; Berg, A. I., Noks, P. P., Kononenko, A. A., Frolov, E. N., Uspenskaya, N. Y., Khrymova, I. N., Rubin, A. B., Likhtenstein, G. I. &(More)
Capacity for lithotrophic growth coupled to oxidation of reduced sulfur compounds was revealed in an Azospirillum strain, A. thiophilum BV-S T . Oxygen concentration in the medium was the major factor determining the type of energy metabolism (organotrophic or lithotrophic) in the presence of thiosulfate. Under aerobic conditions, metabolism of A.(More)
Stepping up from a working prototype to a volume production with adequate yield is a challenge for every type of MEMS hardware. That especially applies to precise inertial sensors, among which gyros have always been of special attention. This paper provides an overview of development of medium accuracy MEMS gyro and associated steps that led to a running(More)
In reaction centres of photosynthetic membranes of R, rubrum the efficiency of redox interactions of the photoreduced primary electron acceptor with secondary acceptors and photooxidized bacteriochlorophyll has a marked and reversible dependence on temperature over the range from -20 degrees to -80 degrees. Similar temperature dependences were observed for(More)
 The temperature dependence of the mean square displacement of the iron atom in reduced and oxidized cytochrome c has been studied by Mössbauer spectroscopy. The flexibility of the protein, labeled by the modes coupling to the iron, is diminished upon reduction. The differences in flexibility are sufficient to explain the differences in physicochemical(More)