Evgeny Fink

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The efficacy of pentobarbital in the treatment of ischemic cerebral edema was evaluated in 160 gerbils. Animals underwent carotid ligation under ether or pentobarbital (50 mg/kg) anesthesia. The pentobarbital anesthetized group received an additional dose of 30 mg/kg 4 h after ligation. Animals were evaluated for neurologic deficit at 4 and 8 h(More)
Cerebrovascular and cardiac alterations evoked by intravascular volume expansion with low molecular weight dextran (LMD, molecular weight 40,000), an advocated adjunct in the clinical prevention or therapy of acute stroke and cerebral vasospasm, were studied in splenectomized dogs. Clipping of the right distal internal carotid artery and the proximal middle(More)
Unilateral clipping of cerebral arteries in eight dogs reduced regional cortical blood flow (rCoBF) without altering cardiac output (CO) or intracranial pressure (ICP) and resulted in 10% hemispheric infarction. In ten dogs, total blood volume (TBV), CO, rCoBF in the region of the occluded artery, and ICP increased while the hematocrit (Hct) decreased(More)
Ninety-three mongrel dogs underwent intracranial carotid and middle cerebral artery occlusions. They were then randomized into four groups: 1) the untreated control group (no surgical or medical therapy) showed significant neurological deficit, 16% mortality, and 17% mean hemisphere infarction; 2) in the bypass group (superficial temporal to middle cerebral(More)
Lithium salts are widely used agents for the prophylactic treatment of affective disorders. Lithium salts may be associated with distal nephron dysfunction. Kallikrein is a protease which is generated by the distal nephron. We used an amidolytic assay of chromatographically purified enzyme to determine the urinary excretion rate of active kallikrein in(More)
In vitro experiments have related anaphylactoid reactions in patients treated with angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors during dialysis with AN69 membranes to excessive bradykinin generation using this negatively charged dialysis membrane. In the present clinical trial plasma bradykinin levels were followed during the early phase of dialysis in 10(More)
Barbiturates were administered to normal dogs, establishing an isoelectric electrocorticogram. Cortical cerebral blood flows (CBF) and deeper CBF's were respectively measured by krypton-85 (85Kr) and xenon-133 (133 Xe). Following barbiturate administration, the two methods of measuring CBF showed a poor coefficient of variation (r=0.12, p less than 0.05).(More)
Mice were exposed to lead acetate (0.5%) pre- and postnatally, and activity levels were assessed at 21 days of age. Two measures of open field activity were employed at two different times of day across three doses of d-amphetamine. These factors influence the results observed in lead exposed mice and demonstrate that lead's effects on activity are not(More)
OBJECTIVES We have demonstrated previously that former opiate-dependent subjects treated and detoxified from methadone maintenance therapy suffer deficits in neuropsychological performance and have abnormal pain thresholds. This study examined the impact of pain on the performance of the Stroop test, a well-known test of neuropsychological performance. (More)