Evgeny Buntov

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Results of the investigation of photoluminescence (PL) mechanisms for silicon dioxide films implanted with ions of silicon (100 keV; 7 × 10(16) cm(-2)) and carbon (50 keV; 7 × 10(15)-1.5 × 10(17) cm(-2)) are presented. The spectral, kinetic and thermal activation properties of the quantum dots (Si, C and SiC) formed by a subsequent annealing were studied by(More)
The problem of exciting UV and VUV light interference affecting experimental photoluminescence excitation spectra is analysed for the case of thin transparent films containing arbitrarily distributed emission centres. A numerical technique and supplied software aimed at modelling the phenomenon and correcting the distorted spectra are proposed. Successful(More)
Low temperature photoluminescence spectroscopy with pulsed synchrotron excitation is applied to study the regularities of excitation and relaxation of both point defects and nanoparticles formed by tin implantation into SiO2 films and glasses. It has been found that tin implantation followed by air and nitrogen annealing yields the formation of α Sn(More)
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