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Modelling of a Vertical Loop Conveyor with Suspended Belt and Distributed Drive
The authors set forth the design of a suspended belt conveyor with a distributed drive and a vertical closed loop path. The numerical scheme for analyzing the dynamics of this conveyor was made. ThisExpand
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The Influence of Distributing the Conveyor Suspensions with Suspended Belt and Distributed Drive on Its Main Technical Characteristics
This research goal is to determine the rational number of drive and non-drive suspensions on a conveyor track with suspended belt and distributed drive. Expand
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The Lorentz Group, Noncommutative Space-Time, and Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Majorana-Oppenheimer Formalism
Non-linear electrodynamics arising in the frames of field theories in non-commutative space-time is examined on the base of the Riemann-Silberstein-Majorana-Oppenheimer formalism. The problem ofExpand
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