Evgeniy Matveev

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The paper presents the results of the study whose aims were to reveal the specific features of vertical posture maintenance in patients with various motor disorders by using a computer stabilographic complex with a bilateral platform, to draw up computer rehabilitative programmes that take into account the detected features of posture stability disorders in(More)
The authors analyze the principles of the design of a computed psychophysiological system for universal uses. Show the effectiveness of the use of computed technology as a combination of universal computation and control potentialities of a personal computer equipped with problem-oriented specialized facilities of stimuli presentation and detection of the(More)
Studies of this correlation have revealed correlation between stroke and minute blood volumes in reference subjects and in patients with open-angle glaucoma with the rheographic coefficient. No correlation at Stages II-IV glaucoma indicates a decompensation of ocular hemodynamics regulation mechanisms. Hemodynamic disorders should be corrected already(More)
The paper describes a basically new approach to solving the most pressing sociomedical approach, i.e. timely rendering a medical aid when acute vital dysfunctions suddenly occur in real daily life. A new concept of medical instrument making for human life and health protection has been developed on the basis of the theory of functional systems which(More)
The paper outlines the computer-aided testing diagnostic systems used at the Moscow Therapeutical Research Center for Prevention and Treatment of Mental and Nervous Disability. They are based on the complex factorial approach. This approach takes into account the developmental vectors in a child. These include motor, perceptive, intellectual, and(More)
Study of the movement of the human body gravity center projection to the horizontal plane (the stabilometric method) is widely used in neurologic, orthopedic, mental, physiological, and other studies. The paper reflects principles in construction and examples of using the stabilometric method as a software package intended for the diagnosis and(More)