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The results of the high-field technique for obtaining and testing the carbyne strength in situ are presented. By using molecular dynamics simulation and ab initio calculations, a comprehensive analysis of the results is executed. High-field technique for experimental measurement of the carbyne strength in situ is briefly described. It is shown that the(More)
Field ion microscopic imaging of monatomic carbon chains near the ground quantum states and the visualization of their two-dimensional wave functions were demonstrated. Quantum motions with the frequency proportional to the electric field are detected and analyzed with subangstrom lateral resolution. Electric fields above 10(10) V/m can be used for control(More)
Field ion microscopy and computer simulation were used for the study of an atomic structure high-angle grain boundary in hard-drawn ultrafine-grained tungsten wire. These boundaries with special misorientations are beyond the scope of the coincident site lattice model. It was demonstrated that the special non-coincident grain boundaries are the(More)
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