Evgenii Suslov

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Efficiency of tocopherol, its analog with a shortened side chain as well as their quinons for tuberculosis was determined. All the studied compounds inhibited peroxide-formation processes in the liver homogenate and mitochondria. The vitamin E amount in the blood is considerably decreased in case of tuberculosis. The studied analogs increased its content(More)
The proposed method for tumor screening ("Oncotest") is based on detecting substances (calcium-histone complexes) in the human blood which are markers of malignant neoplasia. Using "Oncotest" in a series of 5411 cases, we identified malignant tumors of various histogenesis (cancer, sarcoma) arising in different sites in 69 cases. "Oncotest" is especially(More)
The paper concerns rare forms of pulmonary thesaurismosis which are a frequent cause of misdiagnosis: 5 cases of alveolar proteinosis and 1 with alveolar microlithiasis are reported. Lung biopsy (open or transbronchial) is indicated for verification of the diagnosis. Further investigations to try radical therapy of the disease are needed in view of(More)
The time course of tuberculin reactions during isoniazid treatment was studied on 10 guinea pigs with experimental tuberculosis. Linear, temperature and histological characteristics of papules were investigated. Thermographic estimation of papules was performed with cholesteric liquid crystal films. For pathohistological examination a new histochemical(More)