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The European Childhood Leukaemia - Lymphoma Incidence Study (ECLIS) is designed to address concerns about a possible increase in the risk of cancer in Europe following the nuclear accident in Chernobyle in 1986. This paper reports results of surveillance of childhood leukaemia in cancer registry populations from 1980 up to the end of 1991. There was a(More)
The objective of the European Childhood Leukaemia-Lymphoma Incidence Study (ECLIS) is to investigate trends in incidence rates of childhood leukaemia and lymphoma in Europe, in relation to the exposure to radiation which resulted from the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April 1986. In this first report, the incidence of leukaemia in(More)
A comparative analysis was made of medical and climatic conditions in the south of the Far East. Changes in the immune status, lipid peroxidation of blood cell membranes, and the antioxidative system were studied during adaptation of adults and children who had arrived from Siberia, the European part of Russia, and Far-East regions. How a standard regional(More)
Arsenic mineral water from the Sinegorsk springs was tried in the treatment of experimental alimentary obesity in rat Wistar males and patients with exogenous-constitutional obesity. Body mass, blood lipids, hepatic neutral lipids, glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase were measured. Arsenic mineral water proved able to reduce excessive body mass, correct blood(More)
OBJECTIVES Surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis is used to decrease postoperative wound infection. We assessed the compliance to surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis guidelines in our hospital and the impact of an information program. PATIENTS AND METHODS Observational study of clean or clean contamined surgery, during two 3-week periods, separated by a(More)
The blood composition of non-etherized fatty acids (NEFA) was studied in 22 patients with metabolic syndrome (MS) and 11 healthy individuals. The qualitative NEFA composition presented by 31 components of individual fatty acids was analyzed, by taking into account of glucose-insulin homeostatic changes in MS patients: those without insulin resistance (IR)(More)
An analysis of 53 patients with unspecific pulmonary diseases revealed changes of the main immunity values that were more pronounced in the older age groups. It was established that autotransfusion of UV-irradiated blood produced a normalizing effect on immunity values. The authors recommend this method in the clinical practice of unspecific pulmonary(More)
An antifouling ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) with halloysite clay nanotubes loaded with maleimide (TCPM) is prepared. Such encapsulation allowed for extended release of TCPM and a long-lasting, efficient protection of the coated surface against marine microorganisms proliferation. Halloysite also induces the composite's anisotropy due to parallel(More)
Examining the biochemical processes in the rehabilitative period after diseases of vascular and inflammatory genesis showed it expedient to identify an asymptomatic postclinical period of disease as an independent stage of metabolic remission. The guideline for assessing the completeness of metabolic processes was to study such indices reflecting the(More)