Evgenii Ivanov

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A comparative analysis was made of medical and climatic conditions in the south of the Far East. Changes in the immune status, lipid peroxidation of blood cell membranes, and the antioxidative system were studied during adaptation of adults and children who had arrived from Siberia, the European part of Russia, and Far-East regions. How a standard regional(More)
Arsenic mineral water from the Sinegorsk springs was tried in the treatment of experimental alimentary obesity in rat Wistar males and patients with exogenous-constitutional obesity. Body mass, blood lipids, hepatic neutral lipids, glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase were measured. Arsenic mineral water proved able to reduce excessive body mass, correct blood(More)
The blood composition of non-etherized fatty acids (NEFA) was studied in 22 patients with metabolic syndrome (MS) and 11 healthy individuals. The qualitative NEFA composition presented by 31 components of individual fatty acids was analyzed, by taking into account of glucose-insulin homeostatic changes in MS patients: those without insulin resistance (IR)(More)
The authors propose a conception of rehabilitation after respiratory diseases based on combined action of some nonpharmacological therapeutic factors operating etiologically, symptomatically, pathogenetically and sanogenetically. These rehabilitation methods can be used in persons with respiratory diseases risk factors and for prophylaxis.
Besides the well-known methods applied for the treatment of chronic recurrent dermatoses, the authors propose to use laser therapy for management of its coexistent diseases. The article contains data which prove the high efficiency of laser therapy for treatment of chronic recurrent dermatoses with such coexistent diseases as tonsillitis, hymoritis,(More)
At present the hadron (proton and light ions like C) therapy is used successfully for the treatment different types of oncological tumors. Since the beginning of radiological bloodless surgery in 1961 till today more than 50000 patients were treated at 40 medical centers over the world. Figure 1 illustrates the progress in putting into operation medical(More)