Evgenia V. Gerasimovskaya

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Important autocrine/paracrine functions for the adenine nucleotides have been proposed in several tissues. We addressed the possibility that extracellular ATP would modulate/mediate hypoxia-induced(More)
Extracellular nucleotides are increasingly recognized as important regulators of growth in a variety of cell types. Recent studies have demonstrated that extracellular ATP is a potent inducer of(More)
We recently reported that vasa vasorum expansion occurs in the pulmonary artery (PA) adventitia of chronically hypoxic animals and that extracellular ATP is a pro-angiogenic factor for isolated vasa(More)
The precise cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating adventitial vasa vasorum neovascularization, which occurs in the pulmonary arterial circulation in response to hypoxia, remain unknown. Here,(More)