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  • E Prus, E Fibach
  • 2012
Iron-overload is a major clinical problem in various diseases. Under this condition, serum iron which surpasses the binding capacity of transferrin is present as non-transferrin bound iron and cellular unbound Labile Iron Pool (LIP) is increased. LIP participates in the generation of free radicals, including reactive oxygen species (ROS). Increased ROS,(More)
B-cell linker (BLNK) protein is a non-redundant adaptor molecule in the signaling pathway activated by (pre) B-cell antigen receptor signals. We present two siblings with a homozygous deleterious frameshift mutation in BLNK, resulting in a block of B cell development in the bone marrow at the preB1 to preB2 stage, absence of circulating B cells and(More)
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