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Pathway analysis methodologies couple traditional gene expression analysis with knowledge encoded in established molecular pathway networks, offering a promising approach towards the biological interpretation of phenotype differentiating genes. Early pathway analysis methodologies, named as gene set analysis (GSA), view pathways just as plain lists of genes(More)
One of the challenges that arise from the advent of personal genomics services is to efficiently couple individual data with state of the art Pharmacogenomics (PGx) knowledge. Existing services are limited to either providing static views of PGx variants or applying a simplistic match between individual genotypes and existing PGx variants. Moreover, there(More)
Racial and ethnic differences in drug responses are now well studied and documented. Pharmacogenomics research seeks to unravel the genetic underpinnings of inter-individual variability with the aim of tailored-made theranostics and therapeutics. Taking into account the differential expression of pharmacogenes coding for key metabolic enzymes and(More)
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