Evgenia Dorman

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AIMS The present study was undertaken to quantify the impact of computerized drug order entry system (CDOE) connected to the patients' database, on the incidence and type of prescription errors (PEs) in the medical service, and to delineate the causes for remaining errors. METHODS Drug orders were reviewed daily by a physician-reviewer, in a department of(More)
Gitelman's syndrome (GS), also known as familial hypokalemic hypomagnesemia, is a rare autosomal recessive hereditary salt-losing tubulopathy, characterized by hypokalemic metabolic alkalosis, hypomagnesemia, and hypocalciuria, which is usually caused by mutations in the SLC12A3 gene encoding the thiazide-sensitive sodium chloride contrasporter. Because(More)
(lowest vs highest; HR 1.12, 95%CI 1.07-1.16), grade (high vs low, HR 1.72, 95%CI 1.63-1.82), tumour size (2-5 cm vs 1-2 cm; HR 1.46, 95%CI 1.40-1.51), and a higher number of positive lymph nodes (1-3 vs 0; HR 1.40, 95%CI 1.34-1.46 and > 10 vs 0; HR 3.19, 95%CI 3.00-3.39) influenced death, all to a larger extent than surgical volume did. ConClusions: In the(More)
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