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Weeds of the genus Orobanche are obligatory chlorophyll-lacking root parasites that infect and severely damage many dicotyledonous agricultural crops in warm-temperate and subtropical regions of the world. The genus comprises over 100 species, at least six of which are notable weeds. Orobanche palaestina Reut. is an endemic Mediterranean species, previously(More)
Exogenously applied GR24 affected somatic embryo formation and morphogenesis of strigolactone-deficient tomato mutant through cross-talk with auxins and cytokinins indicating involvement of SLs in the embryogenic process. Strigolactones (SLs) mediate the regulation of plant responses to the environment through cross-talk with other plant hormones,(More)
(2015). Combining field and imaging spectroscopy to map soil organic carbon in a degraded south african ecosystem. Geoderma (submitted). (2015)A data-driven approach to quality assessment for hyperspectral systems. (2015). Application of airborne, laboratory and field hyperspectral methods to mineral exploration in the Canadian Arctic: recognition and(More)
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