Evgenia D. Moiseeva

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Uncovering the nature of communication between enhancers, promoters and insulators is important for understanding the fundamental mechanisms that ensure appropriate gene expression levels. Here we describe an approach employing transient expression of genetic luciferase reporter gene constructs with quantitative RT-PCR analysis of transcription between an(More)
The binding of distamycin dimeric analog (Pt-bis-Dst) to poly[d(A-T)] x poly[d(A-T)1, poly(dA) x poly(dT) and duplex O23 with the sequence 5'-GCCAATATATATATATTATTAGG-3' which is present at the origin of replication of herpes simplex virus OriS is investigated with the use of UV and CD spectroscopy. The distinction of the synthetic polyamide from a natural(More)
In the present paper, the interactions of the origin binding protein (OBP) of herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV1) with synthetic four-way Holliday junctions (HJs) were studied using electrophoresis mobility shift assay and the FRET method and compared with the interactions of the protein with duplex and single-stranded DNAs. It has been found that OBP(More)
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