Evgeni Pisarevsky

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TEMPO catalyzes the direct oxidation of aldehydes to mixed anhydrides in the presence of a carboxylic acid. The anhydrides can be converted in situ to esters, secondary, tertiary or Weinreb amides in high yield. Oxidation of the aldehyde directly to 2-propyl esters is also possible using only catalytic amounts of acid. The oxidation reactions are rapid and(More)
Systemic fungal infections are an increasingly prevalent health problem, especially among immunocompromised patients. Antifungal drug development lags far behind in comparison to other types of antimicrobial drugs. Current commercially available antifungals are limited by their insufficient potency, side effects, drug-drug interactions, developing(More)
We disclose a hypervalent iodine mediated α-alkylative umpolung reaction of carbonyl compounds with dialkylzinc as the alkyl source. The reaction is applicable to all common classes of ketones including 1,3-dicarbonyl compounds and regular ketones via their lithium enolates. The α-alkylated carbonyl products are formed in up to 93% yield. An ionic mechanism(More)
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