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We consider the electromagnetic field in the domain with a perfectly conducting grid made of thin intersecting wires. The grid is supposed to be dependent on a small parameter epsiv>0 such that when epsivrarr0 the diameters of the wires tend to zero, the density of the grid increases and the grid is located in an arbitrary small neighborhood of a smooth(More)
Our study is motivated by an attempt to develop a rigorous mathematical model of a suspension highly filled with a large number of small solid particles, which interact due to surface forces. We use asymptotic analysis in the small parameter and consider irregular (nonperiodic) geometries for which the sizes of particles and the distances between them are(More)
We consider the system of equations that describes small non-stationary motions of viscous incompressible fluid with a large number of small rigid interacting particles. This system is a microscopic mathematical model of complex fluids such as colloidal suspensions, polymer solutions etc. We suppose that the system of particles depends on a small parameter(More)
A viscous incompressible fluid with a large number of small axially symmetric solid particles is considered. It is assumed that the particles are identically oriented and under the influence of the fluid move translationally or rotate around a symmetry axis with the direction of their symmetry axes unchanged. The asymptotic behavior of oscillations of the(More)
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