Evett Steven

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Neutron scattering, capacitance, and time domain reflectometry (TDR) methods of soil water content measurement were compared in a wide variety of soils and environments. Comparisons aimed to establish the accuracy and precision of each method and particular device, the need for and amenability of the device to soil-specific calibration, the volume of(More)
A procedure for fabricating adhesive stamp electrodes based on gold coated adhesive tape used to measure electronic transport properties of supra-micron samples in the lateral range 10-100 μm and thickness >1 μm is described. The electrodes can be patterned with a ~4 μm separation by metal deposition through a mask using Nephila clavipes spider dragline(More)
The angular dependence of the magnetothermopower of a charge transfer organic salt α-(ET)(2)KHg(SCN)(4) below (4 K) and above (9 K) the phase transition temperature, T(p) = 8 K, and under fields of 15 T and 25 T, below and above the 'kinkfield', has been studied. We find that for a longitudinal thermoelectric measurement both an interlayer thermopower (the(More)
A girl weighing 7 lb. 14 oz. was born at the Elsie Inglis Memorial Hospital in August, 1953. The child was a breech presentation with extended legs and after a long, inert labour of 66 hours was born by breech extraction. The mother was 38 and this baby was her first after 15 years of marriage. There had been two previous miscarriages. This baby also nearly(More)
Shubnikov-de Haas and angular dependent magnetoresistance oscillations have been used to explore the role of anion size, magnetic moment, and disorder in the organic conductors κ-(BETS) 2 GaBr 4 and κ-(BETS) 2 FeCl 2 Br 2 in the iso-morphic class κ-(BETS) 2 Ga 1−x Fe x Cl 4−y Br y. The results, combined with previous work, show correlations between the(More)
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