Evert van Leeuwen

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BACKGROUND End-of-life policies are hotly debated in many countries, with international evidence frequently used to support or oppose legal reforms. Existing reviews are limited by their focus on specific practices or selected jurisdictions. The objective is to review international time trends in end-of-life practices. METHODS We conducted a systematic(More)
Many predators are able to become better at spotting cryptic prey by recognising specific clues, but by concentrating on one prey type they will become worse at spotting other prey types. This phenomenon is known as the formation of a search image for a certain prey by a predator and is related to apostatic selection. Here we study the evolution of a search(More)
c Mechanistically derived functional response describing prey switching by a predator. c Functional response suitable to describe predators feeding on many prey species. c The functional response avoids inconsistencies pertinent to other approaches currently in use. c Predictions from the functional response are consistent with experimental data a b s t r a(More)
Objective: To gain insight into the standards of rationality that physicians use when evaluating patients' treatment refusals. Design of the study: Qualitative design with indepth interviews. Participants: The study sample included 30 patients with cancer and 16 physicians (oncologists and general practitioners). All patients had refused a recommended(More)
The approach to AIDS as a disease and a threat for social discrimination is used as an example to illustrate a conceptual thesis. This thesis is a claim that concerns what we call a medical issue or not, what is medicalised or needs to be demedicalised. In the friction between medicalisation and demedicalisation as discursive strategies the latter approach(More)
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