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BACKGROUND Sarcoidosis is a systemic granulomatous disease of unknown cause that affects the lungs in over 90% of cases. Breath analysis by electronic nose technology provides exhaled molecular profiles that have potential in the diagnosis of several respiratory diseases. OBJECTIVES We hypothesized that exhaled molecular profiling may distinguish(More)
European laws on privacy and data security are not explicit about the storage and processing of genetic data. Especially whole-genome data is identifying and contains a lot of personal information. Is processing of such data allowed in computing grids? To find out, we looked at legal precedents in related fields, current literature, and interviews with(More)
BACKGROUND: Information Security is important for e-Science research groups and other small organisations that design and operate science gateways and virtual research environments, especially when such environments are being used for (bio)medical research. We propose a novel method to do risk assessments: MISRAM, the Model-based Information Security Risk(More)
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