Evert-Jan Blom

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UNLABELLED FIVA (Function Information Viewer and Analyzer) aids researchers in the prokaryotic community to quickly identify relevant biological processes following transcriptome analysis. Our software assists in functional profiling of large sets of genes and generates a comprehensive overview of affected biological processes. AVAILABILITY(More)
Iron deprivation in bacteria causes the derepression of genes controlled by the ferric uptake regulator (Fur). The present microarray analysis of iron-starved Bacillus subtilis cells grown in minimal medium unveils additional physiological effects on a large number of genes linked to stringent-response regulation and to genes involved in amino acid(More)
We have determined the time-resolved transcriptome of the model gram-positive organism B. subtilis during growth in a batch fermentor on rich medium. DNA microarrays were used to monitor gene transcription using 10-minute intervals at 40 consecutive time points. From the growth curve and analysis of all gene expression levels, we identified 4 distinct(More)
Among the various research areas that comprise bioinformatics, systems biology is gaining increasing attention. An important goal of systems biology is the unraveling of dynamic interactions between components of living cells (e. g., proteins, genes). These interactions exist among others on genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic levels. The(More)
BACKGROUND A typical step in the analysis of gene expression data is the determination of clusters of genes that exhibit similar expression patterns. Researchers are confronted with the seemingly arbitrary choice between numerous algorithms to perform cluster analysis. RESULTS We developed an exploratory application that benchmarks the results of(More)
SUMMARY Unraveling regulatory mechanisms (e.g. identification of motifs in cis-regulatory regions) remains a major challenge in the analysis of transcriptome experiments. Existing applications identify putative motifs from gene lists obtained at rather arbitrary cutoff and require additional manual processing steps. Our standalone application MOTIFATOR(More)
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