Evert Gorter

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We have examined the blood of man and of the rabbit, dog, guinea pig, sheep, and goat. There exists a great difference in the size of the red blood cells of these animals, but the total surfaces of the chromocytes See PDF for Structure from 0.1 cc. blood do not show a similarly great divergence, because animals having very small cells (goat and sheep) have(More)
We propose to demonstrate in this paper that the chromocytes of different animals are covered by a layer of lipoids just two molecules thick. If chromocytes are taken from an artery or vein, and are separated from the plasma by several washings with saline solution, and after that extracted with pure acetone in large amounts, one obtains a quantity of(More)
In this article the behavior of pepsin and trypsin in a monolayer under various conditions will be described. Both substances 1 show all the characteristic properties of other proteins. Pepsin is admirably suited for the study of the influence of positive ions, as its isoelectric point lies far to the acid side. On trypsin the influence of negative ions can(More)
Results of measurements of the spreading of proteins have been reported in the previous article. The measurements were made with an apparatus differing in various ways from existing apparatus (Lang-muir, Marcelin, and Adam). It was essential in the construction of this apparatus to obtain an instrument by which it would be possible to make quick and(More)