Everette Clif Burdette

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We present a robotically assisted prostate brachytherapy system and test results in training phantoms. The system consists of a transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) and a spatially co-registered robot integrated with an FDA-approved commercial treatment planning system. The salient feature of the system is a small parallel robot affixed to the mounting posts of(More)
Intraoperative dosimetry in prostate brachytherapy requires localization of the implanted radioactive seeds. A tomosynthesis-based seed reconstruction method is proposed. A three-dimensional volume is reconstructed from Gaussian-blurred projection images and candidate seed locations are computed from the reconstructed volume. A false positive seed removal(More)
The success of prostate brachytherapy critically depends on delivering adequate dose to the prostate gland. Intraoperative localization of the implanted seeds provides potential for dose evaluation and optimization during therapy. A reduced-dimensionality matching algorithm for prostate brachytherapy seed reconstruction (REDMAPS) that uses multiple X-ray(More)
Intra-operative guidance in Transrectal Ultrasound (TRUS) guided prostate brachytherapy requires localization of inserted radioactive seeds relative to the prostate. Seeds were reconstructed using a typical C-arm, and exported to a commercial brachytherapy system for dosimetry analysis. Technical obstacles for 3D reconstruction on a non-isocentric C-arm(More)
Prostate brachytherapy is a treatment for prostate cancer using radioactive seeds that are permanently implanted in the prostate. The treatment success depends on adequate coverage of the target gland with a therapeutic dose, while sparing the surrounding tissue. Since seed implantation is performed under transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) imaging,(More)
Ultrasound-Fluoroscopy fusion is a key step toward intraoperative dosimetry for prostate brachytherapy. We propose a method for intensity-based registration of fluoroscopy to ultrasound that obviates the need for seed segmentation required for seed-based registration. We employ image thresholding and morphological and Gaussian filtering to enhance the image(More)
PURPOSE This paper is the first report on the monitoring of tissue ablation using ultrasound RF echo time series. METHODS We calcuate frequency and time domain features of time series of RF echoes from stationary tissue and transducer, and correlate them with ablated and non-ablated tissue properties. RESULTS We combine these features in a nonlinear(More)
In prostate brachytherapy, x-ray fluoroscopy has been used for intra-operative dosimetry to provide qualitative assessment of implant quality. More recent developments have made possible 3D localization of the implanted radioactive seeds. This is usually modeled as an assignment problem and solved by resolving the correspondence of seeds. It is, however,(More)