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The elimination of adult parasites from the intestines of rats after a first and second infection of Strongyloides ratti was studied. Expulsion after a second infection was anamnestic, indication that the response is immunologic. Intestinal mast cell responses accompanied damage and expulsion of worms, the secondary mast cell response being more rapid but(More)
The presence of 5-HT in Hymenolepis diminuta and Hymenolepis nana was detected by 2 biochemical methods and as yellow fluorescence in a histochemical method. In H. diminuta, 5-HT was found in a concentration of about 1.2 micron/g; this amount did not vary significantly in worms aged 6 to 18 days or more or in various regions of the worm. In H. nana, 5-HT(More)
Hepatic granulomata were experimentally induced in previously unexposed white mice, albino rats and golden hamsters by injecting viable exogenous eggs of Schistosoma mansoni via the mesenterico-portal system. Histopathologic studies of livers of these animals showed that the lesions were similar to those in infections resulting form exposure to cercariae as(More)