Evelyne Migianu-Griffoni

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The behaviour of the d(GGTATACC) oligonucleotide has been investigated by X-ray crystallography at 295 K in the range from ambient pressure to 2 GPa (approximately 20,000 atm). Four 3D-structures of the A-DNA form (at ambient pressure, 0.55, 1.09 and 1.39 GPa) were refined at 1.60 or 1.65 A resolution. In addition to the diffraction pattern of the A-form,(More)
The title compound, C(8)H(12)O(7)P(2)·CH(4)O, is a monoesterified bis-phospho-nate (or 1-hydroxy-methyl-ene-1,1-bis-phospho-nic acid). These synthetic compounds are widely used in medicine to inhibit bone resorption in diseases like osteoporosis, and are characterized by a stable P-C-P group and are thus analogs of inorganic pyrophosphate. By masking one or(More)
The use of nanotechnologies for biomedical applications took a real development during these last years. To allow an effective targeting for biomedical imaging applications, the adsorption of plasmatic proteins on the surface of nanoparticles must be prevented to reduce the hepatic capture and increase the plasmatic time life. In biologic media, metal oxide(More)
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