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Table I gives the values of ("(' 0) and ("(" 0) obtained. It will be seen that the uniformity is far from perfect, but this is not unreasonable in view of the difficulty of measuring such feeble lines. The successive values of each series do not diminish gradually with increasing K as might be expected and mean values were therefore taken. These are ( "('(More)
Four satellite fragmentation events were recorded during the second quarter of 2005, including the breakups of two Proton Block DM auxiliary motors, becoming the 32 nd and 33 rd events for this class overall. The first recent event, on 23 April 2005, involved an ullage motor used by the fourth stage of a Russian Proton launch vehicle for the Cosmos 2224(More)
From observations by the Hubble Space Telescope, Keck II Telescope, and Gemini North Telescope, we have determined the mutual orbit of the large transneptunian object (174567) Varda and its satellite Ilmarë. These two objects orbit one another in a highly inclined, circular or near-circular orbit with a period of 5.75 days and a semimajor axis of 4810 km.(More)
High-level, long-lived nuclear waste arising from spent fuel reprocessing is vitrified in silicate glasses for final disposal in deep geologic formations. In order to better understand the mechanisms driving glass dissolution, glass alteration studies, based on silicon isotope ratio monitoring of 29Si-doped aqueous solutions, were carried out in(More)
Results from a 14-year monitoring (1984-1997) of man-made radionuclide (137Cs and 106Ru) levels in Mytilus galloprovincialis collected monthly on the French Mediterranean coast are presented. In this area sources of man-made radionuclides are on the one hand atmospheric fallout from both the past nuclear testings and the Chernobyl accident and on the other(More)
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