Evelyne Andreewsky

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A right-handed patient, with two left hemisphere lesions, a small one in the prefrontal lobe and a larger one in the temporal, presents an unusual syndrome: a massive deficit for oral language (expression and comprehension) contrasting with a fairly good preservation of written language (expression and comprehension). The processing of isolated words and(More)
The speech production of an agrammatic patient is viewed as the output of a syntactic filter which allows only nouns, verbs, and adjectives to pass. In this paper, we study the behavior of this filter in the processing of grammatically ambiguous words. Our results indicate that these words are either uttered or not as a function of their syntactic role in(More)
This work falls within the field of Model-Based Legal Information Retrieval. We were brought to conceive new types of interfaces after having evaluated a legal database available on the Internet. Although legally validated, this legal database JURISQUE-1 was considered as unsuitable to the expertise's necessities of mountains' professionals (whether legal(More)
A case of global aphasia is reported. In spite of severe impairments in auditory comprehension, as testified by failure in matching spoken words to pictured objects, the patient performed significantly higher than chance level in sorting out the odd item from a spoken list of semantically related words. This preserved ability to achieve the semantic(More)