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At the leading edge of a motile cell, actin polymerizes in close apposition to the plasma membrane. Here we ask how the machinery for force generation at a leading edge is established de novo after the global depolymerization of actin. The depolymerization is accomplished by latrunculin A, and the reorganization of actin upon removal of the drug is(More)
The 64-kD protein DAip1 from Dictyostelium contains nine WD40-repeats and is homologous to the actin-interacting protein 1, Aip1p, from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and to related proteins from Caenorhabditis, Physarum, and higher eukaryotes. We show that DAip1 is localized to dynamic regions of the cell cortex that are enriched in filamentous actin:(More)
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