Evelyn P. Breyer

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Mitochondria in non-starved giant amoebae, Pelomyxa carolinensis, contain tubules lying at random in the matrix. Many mitochondria in starved amoebae have enlarged tubules aligned in a zigzag pattern. Tubules within the zigzag region are separated by very little matrix material. Some of these altered mitochondria are found in 70% of amoebae starved for only(More)
The Pelomyxa palustris amoebae used in this study were multinucleate, herbivorous protozoans. All nuclei within a single organism were similar, but several types of nuclei were seen in different amoeba. These nuclei might represent various stages of mitosis although metaphase and anaphase stages were never seen. Rod-shaped bacteria within vesicles(More)
Two species of large, fresh water amoebae were ultracentrifuged and studied with the electron microscope. Emphasis was placed on the stratification of the nucleoplasm, including nucleoli, within the confines of the nuclear envelope during interphase. Three major strata were found in the nuclei of both amoeba species, namely the centripetal nucleoplasm, the(More)