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The crystal structure of urease from Klebsiella aerogenes has been determined at 2.2 A resolution and refined to an R factor of 18.2 percent. The enzyme contains four structural domains: three with novel folds playing structural roles, and an (alpha beta)8 barrel domain, which contains the bi-nickel center. The two active site nickels are 3.5 A apart. One(More)
Urease from Klebsiella aerogenes [Jabri et al. (1995) Science 268, 998-1004] is an (alpha beta gamma)3 trimer with each alpha-subunit having an (alpha beta)8-barrel domain containing a binickel active center. Here we examine structure-function relations for urease in more detail through structural analysis of the urease apoenzyme at 2.3 A resolution and(More)
NanGIR1 is a catalytic element inserted in the P6 loop of a group I intron (NanGIR2) in the small subunit rRNA precursor of the protist Naegleria andersoni [Einvik, C., Decatur, W. A., Embley, T. M., Vogt, V. M., and Johansen, S. (1997) RNA 3, 710-720]. It catalyzes site-specific hydrolysis at an internal processing site (IPS) after a G residue that(More)
Ureases from both jack bean (Canavalia ensiformis) seeds and Klebsiella aerogenes have been crystallized by the hanging drop method. The plant-derived urease crystals are regular octahedra analogous to those obtained by Sumner. Preliminary X-ray diffraction studies show that the crystals belong to the cubic space group F4(1)32, with a = 364 A, and appear to(More)
Crystalline Klebsiella aerogenes urease was found to have less than 0.05% of the activity observed for the soluble enzyme under standard assay conditions. Li2SO4, present in the crystal storage buffer at 2 M concentration, was shown to inhibit soluble urease by a mixed inhibition mechanism (Ki's of 0.38 +/- 0.05 M for the free enzyme and 0.13 +/- 0.02 M for(More)
NanGIR1 is a member of a new class of group I ribozymes whose putative biological function is site-specific hydrolysis at an internal processing site (IPS). We have previously shown that NanGIR1 requires 1 M KCl for maximal activity, which is nevertheless slow (0.03 min(-1)). We used in vitro selection and an RNA pool with approximately nine mutations per(More)
A mutant form of Klebsiella aerogenes urease possessing Ala instead of His at position 134 (H134A) is inactive and binds approximately half the normal complement of nickel (Park, I.-S., and Hausinger, R. P.(1993) Protein Sci. 2, 1034-1041). The crystal structure of the H134A protein was obtained at 2.0-A resolution, and it confirms that only Ni-1 of the two(More)