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BACKGROUND Exposure to fine particulate air pollution is associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. We previously demonstrated that exposure to dilute diesel exhaust causes vascular dysfunction in humans. OBJECTIVES We conducted a study to determine whether exposure to ambient particulate matter causes vascular dysfunction. (More)
An Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer (ATOFMS) was used to investigate the size and chemical composition of fine concentrated ambient particles (CAPs) in the size range 0.2–2.6 μm produced by a Versatile Aerosol Concentration Enrichment System (VACES) contained within the Mobile Ambient Particle Concentrator Exposure Laboratory (MAPCEL). The data were(More)
During the North Atlantic marine boundary layer experiment (NAMBLEX) sampling campaign at Mace Head, Ireland, both continental and maritime air masses were sampled. Aerosol was characterized both with a TSI 3800 time-of-flight mass spectrometer (ATOFMS) and a MOUDI microorifice impactor, and particle number counts were measured independently with an(More)
Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry (AToFMS) was used to examine co-association between two inhaled drugs, fluticasone propionate (FP) and salmeterol xinofoate (SX), in fine aerosolised particles emitted from Seretide(R)/Advair(R) inhaled combination products. Principal Component Analysis (PCA) was used to identify fragmentation patterns indicative of(More)
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